Coaching has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world today and it’s the inspiring changes people are experiencing every day that make it so popular. By choosing to utilise a coach, you are opening the door to greater opportunities for yourself and your business.

In a world suffering from information overload, success isn’t simply about what you know, it’s about the ability to think clearly, focus on priorities, remain objective, adapt and find the right solutions when required. That’s where coaching comes in. The aim of coaching is to ensure clients are properly equipped with the right tools and strategies to ensure they’re able to solve difficult problems when demanded. A coach is there through these challenges to make sure your desired goals and objectives are achieved.

“To equip clients with the appropriate processes to invoke positive change in their lives; empower them with the motivation and desire to implement change; to encourage and support them to overcome the challenges that they will confront along the way.”

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The problem here is that some students who were instructed to use imagery did not, whereas some uninstructed students spontaneously used it