Fiori Giovanni

“My decision to appoint Fiori as a business coach was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself as well as my company. Fiori has the qualities you would expect from a coach. A good listener with the ability to intelligently analyses issues logically. She has a wide range of knowledge and an excellent understanding of business models. The business knowledge and skills she possesses meant that Fiori was able to very quickly understand my company’s business and my role in its future direction
I needed to get some clarity on the strategic position of my company moving forward and she was able to provide me with a much needed structured program. Through this program Fiori delivered pragmatic solutions underpinned with a commitment to achieving results.
Fiori has maturity beyond her years and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any business executive or business owner.”
Chris C.
Director CPA firm

“I have been running a successful CRM consultancy for 15 years. I contacted Fiori a few years ago seeking to gain some assistance in helping me analyse the different areas of my business, identify aspects which were underperforming and to assist in developing plans for improvement.
I found Fiori was able to bring to the table a clear analytical mind, tremendous ability to maintain focus and preparedness to engage in robust discussions in maintaining her views whilst at all times delivering results.
With her help I was able to get a fresh “map” of my business and added significantly to my client base.
I recommend Fiori to anyone seeking to benefit from a fresh view and to have independent yet informed input from someone very task oriented and who always delivers tangible outcomes.”
Kelvin Oxwell
Director and CRM specialist

“When I first started seeing Fiori, I was sleep-deprived and frustrated at my continued failure to get a quality sleep which affected the quality of my day at work, interactions and personal life. As an executive and SEO of my company I couldn’t afford to be anything less than focused and sharp at all times,especially when at work. Fiori was able to easily dig to the bottom of the problem and create a plan that could correct the bad patterns I’d adopted. After few well planned sessions and implementing what Fiori had asked me to do I was finally able to get the quality sleep I’d been longing for and begin feeling myself again.
Fiori’s coaching approach was very practical and there was no time for BS. . Her warm and caring personality made it easy to establish rapport and create a productive working relationship. Fiori’s ability to listen, ask and analyse logically was exceptional. I can now say that I benefited from the experience in a way that exceeded my expectations and would recommend Fiori very highly.”
Michael F.
Financial Planner

“Fiori has worked on a number of business projects for me. She has always followed every instruction asked and delivered outcomes beyond my expectation.
She has great management skills, people skills and endeavors for excellence. Any business would be lucky to work with Fiori and use her great level of creativity, passion and determination for results.”
John woodman
Director of property and town planning

“When Fiori first asked to me come along for one of her executive sessions, I was a bit skeptical at first. I thought it would be a waste of my time. I’ve always considered myself a rational and logical thinker and never thought that I needed someone else to think for me about how to achieve my own life goals. However I soon realised that Fiori’s approach is actually very methodical. She first ascertained what my real goals are by questioning what it was that I really wanted out of life. She then taught me how to set appropriate goals and would challenge me when they were either too high or too low so that I could reset them. She also would point out where my limiting beliefs were and logically demonstrated where my thought process needed to be corrected. Lastly, Fiori helped me set out a plan to achieve my goals and showed that with time and effort, how I had the power to ensure that I could have a more fulfilling and satisfying life. It is without question that in the end, my time with Fiori was time well spent.”
Gary C.
Senior manager ATO

Noel Posus

“Noel is a passionate, energetic and knowledgeable coach mentor, teacher and director. Having worked across many industries worldwide I have to say Noel’s understanding and structured approach towards training and quality management systems is world-class. There was not a single conversation I had with Noel when I hadn’t come away with additional value or knowledge of new, useful resources that I could immediately implement.”
Rob Lawrence

“Noel approaches his work with good humour and a dedication to the success of his clients. His experience in corporate management and development, and coaching comes through in his work and advice. I strongly recommend Noel to anyone looking to move themselves or their team forward to their goals.”
David White

“Noel is not only one of the most talented Coaches in the world, he also has the highest standards of professionalism I have ever encountered and is the most giving, caring and over-delivering person I have ever met. If you want great results and want to work with a Coach who adds immense value, Noel is your first and best choice. He is a true leader, walks his talk, plays at the highest level and will never disappoint. Expect exceptional service as a minimum standard when you work with Noel.”
Sally Parrish, Coach Mentor, PCC

“Noel is one of those rare gems of a person, that you may come across only once in a lifetime. I have witnessed Noel’s work at the ALCS, ECI and MLeM. I am extremely happy to recommend him as a Coach, Teacher and Entrepreneur. He is trusting, trustworthy and dedicated in all his endeavours. I am happy to recommend Noel to anyone wishing to avail themselves of his bountiful experience”
Peter G. Combos

“With a calm and directed organizational philosophy Noel Posus has been a calm foundation from which we have grown our business. Noel is a capable and energetic speaker, coach, author, and Senior Management professional. His vision and ability to see past where others would give up has proven in his career and in his efforts with Gooru what dedication and talent really mean.”
Kevin Leversee

“I had the honour to interview Noel on my radio show, and found that he is a true professional dedicated to his clients. During the 1-hour interview I found out about his involvement in many boards of directors, associations, and completion of many certifications that made him into the knowledgeable professional that he is today. During the show we talked about Conflict Management and the concepts he shared were nothing short of life-changing.
I highly recommend Noel, both as a speaker and a coach on topics of Conflict Management, Effective Communication, and Relationship Development.”
E.G. Sebastian

Paul Harmer

“Paul Harmer is the wizard of branding emotion. Since attending his workshop we now think of every customer encounter as a branding transaction. We are letting them see who we are as a company and as a result our online sales have grown steadily.”
Alex Prior
ScreenHub, Melbourne

“Thanks again for your command performance at last week’s business Seminar ‘Build Your Brand, Build Your Business”. Your eye-catching, interactive, informative and entertaining delivery certainly kept the audience enthralled. The networking element went down a treat and your insightful and thought-provoking comments on branding as a source of business success helped the attendees see the “unique” aspects of their business. You gave them much to take back and use in their businesses right away”
Billy Redmond
Economic Development Officer
City of Stonnington

“I would like to thank you for your dynamic presentation on branding to the chamber. You had everyone captivated with your presentation and you exceeded the expectations of many. Your brand building strategies will certainly help many managers and business owners in developing their own unique brand proposition.”
Brian Morris,
State Business manager N.S.W

“I recently attended a business session held by the Stonnington council for enterprise as part of Business Victoria month. It proved to be an excellent and fun event.
Paul Harmer aka The Brand Surgeon was the presenter on the evening. Paul’s obvious wealth of knowledge on the topic of branding was most inspirational. As well as being educational, he kept the audience entertained with many personal stories and business building strategies of his own and other successful brands.
He showed us that there are many pitfalls as well as success in any business BUT we can still stand out in these tough economic times and grow our business through position and differentiation. His messages and examples was quite clear. Paul demonstrated this himself as he stepped onto the stage dressed in all white. Not many people could get away with this but Paul Harmer has stage charisma and appeal. I have rarely seen a speaker captivate his audience so well.
Like the title of Paul’s recently published book on branding which I purchased “Brand Glue”, How to create and attract sticky customers” . Paul certainly had his audience stick to his every word.I would not hesitate in recommending Paul Harmer as both a speaker and a educator in branding and marketing.”
Rita Lawlor
Client Services Coordinator

“Paul Harmer was of great help to us when we needed assistance to develop and articulate the brand of our company.”
Andrea Wilkinson

“What a great night it was. I thought the presentation last week was fantastic. I loved the ‘Dinner in the Air’, gave me loads of ideas!! I am just starting to rebrand Bursaria and going through a lot of changes, so I will certainly be in touch.”
Lauren Robertson

“I really enjoyed last Thursday night, it reinforced everything I seek to achieve in my business. I found your presentation on “Brand building” effortlessly captivating. Your charismatic and engaging delivery was inspirational, insightful, and provided the pivotal key to understanding how to build a successful brand identity.
Thank you for a very worthwhile experience.
PS: Your book is an absolute gem and should be on the reading list for everyone in business. Congratulations.”
Georgia Goudy

“I have much pleasure in communicating that Paul Harmer is held in exceedingly high regards by the Australian Sales & Marketing Institute both in a personal and professional context.
The Institute has utilised Paul’s services in a variety of mediums, including speaking at national conferences, facilitating cutting-edge program sessions, as a keynote speaker and, on occasions, as are commended consultant in his field to leading companies.
Paul has widely acknowledged international experience, having worked with many luminaries in the areas of marketing and brand development, implementation and monitoring. In recent times, Paul has been especially sought after by companies and senior executives to discuss issues relating to branding, including experiential branding.
Additionally,Paul has often been regularly interviewed by the media on issues regarding branding, management strategy and business trends.
The Institute strongly recommends Paul as an ideal party to discuss, plan, analyse and implement across an array of business activity. I am happy to provide a more personal reference in need and welcome your contact should you require further input.”
Graeme Orr
The Sales and Marketing Institute of Australia

Ron Linton


Julienne Verhagen

“Julienne is able to train from inexperienced managers to experienced managers in the same session using appropriate examples that connect with all participants. She has excellent technical knowledge, energy, heart and soul. when training, she demonstrates and role models exactly what she is training. She is real, confident, interesting and handles any difficult moments with grace and professionalism. uses appropriate humour and is not phased if the group is quiet. She does not shy away from the ‘tough stuff”
Angela Anderson
Human Resources Manager
Century Yuasa Batteries

“When I first met Julienne in Nov 2007 I was a very different person to the one that writes this testimonial.My employer noticed I was lacking motivation and sent me along to the seminar held by Julienne and it instantly dawned on me, I was stuck in an ugly rut known as the failure cycle…so I booked myself into the Total Focus Program.
Now.. Armed with my new unstoppable attitude, I hunted down the job I would be passionate about. Needless to say, I got the job and I owe it all to the very valuable lessons I learned from Julienne and the Total Focus Program.”
Adam Green
EARCOS – Admin ConferenceHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“Your energy is amazing. You reflect a passion for the Arts. Thank you!”
“Totally pertinent. We loved being asked to be involved. Thoroughly enjoyable”
“Great spirit and enthusiasm displayed by presenter! Great charisma and drama skills – Loved it!”
“The best indoor teambuilding ever!”
“DISC has changed my view towards myself, and others in my immediate surroundings”
“A refreshing change to a lot of usual PD training. A good day … Thank you.”
“Very informative, practical tips and enjoyable in-service experience”
“Really enjoyed the day. Good balance of practical and theoretical”
“It helped me identify who I am to others. Fun and informative, I enjoyed it a lot”
“Fantastic job!” thanks Julienne
Drama Australia – National ConferenceQueensland, Australia

“Great! Loved the ice-breaker games and challenges – always want more!”
Sue Pearn QLD

“Bravo! It was fun, and I liked the way you asked for our ideas as well. Great!”
Jodee Lambert, WA

“Thanks a million. Great fun, active workshop”
Michelle Mulholland, New Zealand

“Fabulous, great ideas that I will use. Very dynamic, interesting and engaging”
Jayne Fulbrook, SA

“I found that the subjects julienne covered are a lot cleaner to me to deal with from today onwards. It’s improved my confidence. I know I will be using all of what I have learned in my workplace. Very beneficial, useful and practical strategies. Excellent facilitator, humorous and fun. I learned some great skills.”