Every company has talented employees with the potential for success. But they often move on if unable to take advantage of career opportunities or training. You can end up starting over, spending more money rehiring and bringing in unknown people on a hit and miss basis who may not work out. This becomes expensive, not to mention time consuming.

At TCG we address every position and competency level of employees; providing one on one coaching, group guidance, training programs, workshops or seminars best suited to you and your team. Develop loyal leaders for tomorrow, that embrace your vision of the future. Below are just a few of the tools and strategies our coaches can cover with your team. It’s never too late to equip your team with the tools they need to succeed.

Key areas of TCG Business Coaching:

  • Revenue generation
  • Financial management, KPI’s, budgets, profit and loss statements
  • Advertising and branding tools
  • Marketing and sales
  • Social media, delivering a digital message
  • Efficiency of operational systems
  • Setting and achieving business goals
  • Organisational change and performance management
  • Staff development and motivation
  • Public relations strategies and tactics
  • Conflict resolution and many more…

If you’re unsure about existing packages we’ll customise and design the right program to suit the specific concerns of your team’s budget and time constraints.

Just as gold has no value until mined and brought to the surface, so to your staff can be devalued until their specific talents are maximized. Could your staff be the overlooked and ‘un-mined’ gold within your business? Ask a TCG coach how they can help maximise the potential of your staff and drive business growth.

Contact us to begin your transformation today, or click here to hear what our clients are saying.


“Julienne is able to train from inexperienced managers to experienced managers in the same session using appropriate examples that connect with all participants. She has excellent technical knowledge, energy, heart and soul. when training, she demonstrates and role models exactly what she is training. She is real, confident, interesting and handles any difficult moments with grace and professionalism. uses appropriate humour and is not phased if the group is quiet. She does not shy away from the ‘tough stuff’”

Angela Anderson
Human Resources Manager

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