Executive Coaching is one of TCG’s core specialty areas. We’re experts at helping executives develop leadership skills, increase confidence and think more clearly when tackling major challenges, either personally or in their business.

As you take on greater management responsibilities and the challenges these entail, it can become difficult to confide or seek advice from peers or other senior executives. This can leave you feeling disconnected and unable to generate ideas or make decisions with a sounding board or outside support. A TCG coach fills this role, assisting you strategising, analysing, planning ahead and ultimately, and achieving your desired outcomes. Whether you’re looking to reach a specific goal in a project, needing new strategies or ideas on an issue, face difficult challenges or promising opportunities, your coach is right there with you. Your coach is there to assist in raising your game while also dealing with your most immediate and work related issues.

Key features of TCG Executive Coaching:

  • Ways to enhance creative and strategic thinking
  • Better time management
  • Improved Interpersonal skills
  • Workplace conflict resolution
  • Team building and influence
  • Performance management
  • Setting and achieving desired outcomes or goals
  • Identifying and addressing potential obstacles
  • Leadership skills… and many more.

At TCG you’ll gain access to a broad range of trusted and objective coaches who are will equip you with the decision making skills required to excel in your industry.

Contact us, and begin your transformation today, or click here to hear what our clients are saying.


“Sam’s coaching approach was very practical and there was no time for BS. . Her warm and caring personality made it easy to establish rapport and create a productive working relationship straightaway. Sam’s ability to listen, ask and analyse logically was exceptional. I can now say that I benefited from the experience in a way that exceeded my expectations and would recommend Sam very highly.”

Michael F.
Financial Planner

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