Business and Executive Specialist

Ronald Linton speaks the language of CEOs and top echelon managers. His 30 years executive experience as a key member of executive management teams spans a variety of business disciplines from financial management, marketing, sales, operations, logistics, leadership and career development. If you need practical experience with hands on experience, he’s the man to talk to.

As General Manager and Operations Manager of large public companies, he’s skilled in evaluating and managing risk, planning and logistics responses, competition and pricing initiatives, all of which led to cultural change and improved performance in his firms.

Ronald remains an energetic leader with a proven capacity to collaborate, influence and challenge the status quo, and to ensure defined commercial and organizational outcomes. His strong history of success often involved undertaking roles in companies experiencing difficulties and requiring fundamental and systemic change.

Ron is a team player who believes in the development and empowerment of people, communicating business clarity to achieve clearly defined goals, handling responsibilities and imparting values. His relationships are built on trust, honesty and respect towards employees, colleagues and stakeholders both internal and external.

Prior to starting his own consultancy, REL Small Business Pathways, Ron spent 30 Years working for Goodman Fielder Food Company as GM Marketing and Sales Meadow Lea foods and Buttercup Bakeries, GM Pampas Pastry Company, Director of Baking South and West Zones of Australia. He’s a “go to” executive if you want experience. Add to this his consultancy experience with:
Foods where he worked as General Manager for Mildura Fruit Juice Company based in Mildura, developed and successfully implemented a three year Strategic Plan
KPI where he introduced profit management, inventory reductions, improved supply chain efficiencies, restructured management teams, defined OH & S responsibilities and raised performance overall.

Greg Murphy Racing (GMR) where he developed Operational Heads of Agreement for both GMR & KB Racing NZ, revamped marketing & sales for Holden & HSV apparel, and restructured planning, purchasing and distribution systems.
SABCO: where he revamped Operational/Logistics Management, introduced KPI Performance Management, created Capital reductions, successfully relocated the manufacturing offshore, and prepared the business for sale.

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